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Student Attire Requirements

To ensure an optimal learning environment for all students, we have a dress code here at Robles with specific dress requirements.

School is student’s work place. With that in mind, students should dress appropriately and respectfully. All clothing should be in good repair and satisfactory for the workplace.

Garment Top Choices

  • Any solid color short or long-sleeved (no sleeveless), polo style shirt may be worn.
  • T-shirts may be worn underneath.

Garment Bottom Choices

  • Docker-style tan or navy slacks and blue or black jeans or shorts may be worn.
  • Shorts must be hemmed or cuffed walking shorts longer than the fingertips at the side or to the knee.

Girls Only

  • Skirts, jumpers, and capris are allowed and must be hemmed or cuffed longer than the fingertips at the side.
  • Tights and leggings, worn under skirts, must be solid white, blue, or black.

Other School Attire

School Logo Wear

  • All school logo wear sold at the school store or issued by teams and clubs may be worn any day.


  • Any style closed-toe or athletic shoe is acceptable.

Inappropriate School Attire

Inappropriate is defined as anything that is gang related; portrays drugs, paraphernalia, tobacco, or alcohol; insinuates anything sexually inappropriate for the school campus; is intimidating or has racial/gender slurs. If any item of clothing or accessory is identified as inappropriate or is disruptive in the classroom, the student may be asked to remove or change it. It is well known that gang related and other attire considered inappropriate for school can change. School and district administration reserve the right to discipline students for inappropriate attire as needed.