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Altar Valley Home page

A message from our Principal

    Greetings, Robles Bobcat Families!

    As we step into the month of March, there are a few important updates and events we'd like to share with you.

    AASA State Assessments for Third through Fifth Grade Students

    The AASA state assessments for our third, fourth, and fifth grade students are approaching. These assessments are significant milestones in our students' academic journey, and we encourage families to support their students in preparing for them. Here are some ways you can help:

    • Encourage Regular Practice: Encourage your child to engage in regular practice sessions, focusing on areas where they may need improvement.
      • Reading nightly
      • Practicing math calculation with flash cards
      • Completing their homework

    • Provide a Positive Environment: Create a quiet and conducive environment at home for studying and completing practice assessments.

    • Stay Informed: Stay informed about the assessment schedule and any specific preparation tips provided by your child's teachers.

    Remember, your support plays a crucial role in your child's success, and together, we can help them excel.

    Importance of Attendance

    We're halfway through the academic year, but it's essential to emphasize the importance of attendance. The state evaluates daily attendance in quarters, meaning missing one minute, 90 minutes, or any amount of time in between is counted as missing one-quarter of the school day by the state calculations. Please ensure your child attends school regularly to avoid falling behind and to meet the state's attendance requirements.

    Robles Student-Led Conferences

    Mark your calendars! Our student-led conferences are scheduled for March 7 and 8. These conferences provide a valuable opportunity for your child to showcase their hard work and learning progress. It's crucial for you to schedule a conference with your child's teacher so you can participate in this event and gain insight into your child's academic journey.

    More information regarding the conference logistics will come soon. We encourage all families to actively participate in these conferences to support your child's educational development.

    Stay tuned for further updates and reminders as we progress through the month. Thank you for your continued support and involvement in your child's education!

    Warm regards,

      Dustie Gunn-Ader

      Dustie Gunn-Ader, MAED; MBA;
      Robles Elementary School
      (520) 822-9418